Myths ,Lies and Deception
by Jacky Davis, John Lister and David Wrigley

Foreword by Harry Smith
Introduction by Martin McKee

'Essential reading in the battle to save the NHS before private companies bleed it dry.' Ken Loach

'This is the most important recent book about the future of the NHS. It examines the havoc created by Andrew Lansley's costly and damaging "reforms" and George Osborne's spending cuts. It's a must read.' Owen Jones

'... a brilliant account of the shocking story of the Health and Social Care Act: how its true purpose was concealed from the electorate (with the assistance of the media asleep on the job), how it was sold to Parliament, and its appalling consequences.' Raymond Tallis, The Lancet

In 2010 David Cameron's coalition government discarded pre-election promises about the NHS. Instead they imposed savage spending cuts and pushed through 'reforms' which put at risk the health and lives of all of us. As a result the NHS is now in crisis.

NHS for Sale challenges their myths and lies, arguing that:
* The NHS is efficient and affordable and didn't need radical reform.
* The private sector is not cheaper or more efficient than the public sector.
* The government is privatising the NHS.
* The NHS market is wasting billions of pounds while harming the service.
* The coalition's Health and Social Care Act:
Has not put GPs in the driving seat.
Has reduced patient choice.
Has reduced community control over healthcare priorities.
Has increased bureacracy and waste.

This book sets out what needs to be done to protect the NHS against corporate greed, and enable future governments to meet the challenge of delivering high quality and affordable health care for all.

Dr Jacky Davis
is a consultant radiologist in north London, co-chair of the NHS Consultants' Association, a member of the BMA UK Council and is a founder member of Keep our NHS Public.
Dr John Lister is the Information Director with London Health Emergency, a founder member of Keep Our NHS Public, a public speaker, journalist, and the author of books on the NHS;
Dr David Wrigley is a GP in Carnforth, Lancashire. He speaks for Keep Our NHS Public and is a member of the BMA UK Council and BMA General Practitioners' Committee.

ISBN. 978-0-85036-627-3

Paperback 392 pages, 200 x 135 mm.

Published 5 March 2015