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    This book offers a measured consideration of James Connolly, alive to his continuing political relevance. It concludes with a review of Connolly’s dramatic final years: the First World War, the...

Book of the Month


  • Author: Edited by Greg Albo
  • Publisher: Merlin Press
  • Isbn: 9780850367850
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pub. Date: 2024-02
  • Price: £20.00

In October 2022, President Joe Biden launched the United States’ new National Security Strategy, which warned that the world was at an ‘inflection point’, in which the ‘post-Cold War era is definitively over, and a competition is underway between the major powers to shape what comes next’. American leadership, the document declared, would be more necessary than ever in order to define ‘the future of the international order‘ by marshalling America’s unparalleled economic, military and diplomatic resources to confront geopolitical rivals. While it is clearly premature to speak of the end of the liberal economic order, let alone the development of a multipolar international system, the erosion of American primacy means it is not too early to take stock of the momentous changes making a new global geometry.


Jerome Klassen: Liberals to the rescue? Team Biden and the US empire

Ingo Schmidt

US Capitalism: too big to fail, too weak to lead

John Bellamy Foster

The US quest for nuclear supremacy: the counterforce doctrine and the ideology of moral asymmetry

Andreas Bieler, Adam David Morton

Reframing the geopolitics of global capitalism

Tanner Mirrlees

The US and China’s digital tech war: a new rivalry within and beyond the US empire?

Achin Vanaik

Continuity and change in India’s foreign policy: realpolitik, Hindu nationalism, and Modi

Ken C. Kawashima

Japan’s ‘new pre-war’: five dislocations of its historical development

Thomas Sablowski

Germany in the new capitalist geometry

Alan Cafruny, Vassilis K. Fouskas

Europe, the world economy, and new imperial grossraums

Eren Duzgun, Can Cemgil

Class, state, and geopolitics: explaining Erdoğan’s Turkey

Claudio Katz

The new geopolitical scene in Latin America

Lindsey German

Fighting for peace, preparing for war: the British antiwar movement

James Meadway

‘The first crisis of the Anthropocene’: the world economy since Covid

Birgit Mahnkopf

From Globalization to geopolitics: a way back, not forward