New Preface (2007); Preface to first edition; Introduction; approaching post-war trade unionism, John McIlroy, Alan Campbell, Nina Fishman; Part One: Overviews, 1945-79: The role of industrial correspondents, Geoffrey Goodman; Making trade unionists: the politics of pedagogy, 1945-79, John McIlroy; Part Two: Survey: The post-war compromise: mapping industrial politics, 1945-64, Alan Campbell, Nina Fishman, John McIlroy; Part Three: Case Studies, 1945-64: 'Shut your gob!': the trade unions and the Labour Party, David Howell; The Trades Union Congress in the international labour movement, Anthony Carew; Cold War politics: communism and anti-communism in the trade unions, Richard Stevens; Social democracy and anti-communism: Allan Flanders and British industrial relations in the early post-war period, John Kelly; The shop floor politics of productivity: work, power and authority relations in British engineering, c.1945-57, Alan McKinlay and Joseph Melling; 'The most serious crisis since 1926': the engineering and shipbuilding strikes of 1957, Nina Fishman; 'Spearhead of the movement'? The 1958 London busworkers' strike, the TUC and Frank Cousins, Nina Fishman; Democracy and trade unionism on the docks, Jim Phillips; Afterword, Eric Hobsbawm; Index.