A Biography
by Cathy Porter
Revised Edition

Alexandra Kollontai inspired generations of socialists in Russia with her pioneering views on sex and the family. A revolutionary activist and writer, she was the only woman in the first Bolshevik government in 1917.
This second edition of Cathy Porter's biography draws on newly-published memoirs, diaries and letters to offer fresh insights into Kollontai's stormy political life. It tell of her fight for workers' democracy and women's rights, her love affairs, her disagreements with the Bolshevik party, and her last years 'in exile' as a Soviet diplomat in Norway, Mexico and Sweden.

"... a very detailed life-story of this extraordinary woman ... Cathy Porter has written a sad, serious, and very readable book." Tamara Deutscher, Marxism Today (on the first edition).

'Alexandra Kollontai has the potential to be a true delight for the connoisseur by providing an alternative historical account of Russia and the socialist movement. However, what makes it transcend time is Kollontai's chief belief that women should be at the centre of the economy, not the periphery' Spokeman.

'an interesting and detailed account of some of the most exciting years in working class history'
Socialist Review

Cathy Porter has translated over thirty books and plays from Russian, including The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy and, most recently, Dmitry Bykov's award-winning novel Living Souls.
She is the author of several books: about women terrorists in tsarist Russia, on political art in the 1905 revolution and on Moscow in the Second World War. She has written a biography of the revolutionary Larissa Reisner, and is now compiling a new anthology of Kollontai's writings.


Paperback, 530 pages, 37 black and white photos.