Contents: Table of Abbreviations, Editor's Introduction. 1. The Economy and the State in the Capitalist Mode of Production: Clyde W. Barrow: Re-Reading Poulantzas: State theory and the epistemologies of structuralism; Bob Jessop: The Capitalist Type of State and Authoritarian Statism: Poulantzas's state theory as a modern classic; Joachim Hirsch & John Kannankulam: Poulantzas and Form Analysis: On the relation between two approaches in materialist state theory; Lars Bretthauer: Materiality and Condensation in Nicos Poulantzas; Alexander Gallas: Reading 'Capital' with Poulantzas: 'Form' and 'struggle' in the Critique of Political Economy. Power and Domination: Max Koch: Poulantzas's Contribution to Class Analysis and Social Structural Analysis; Jörg Nowak: Poulantzas, Gender Relations and Feminist State Theory; Urs T. Lindner: State, Power and Politics: On the relation between Poulantzas and Foucault:; Sonja Buckel: The Juridical Condensation of the Relations of Forces: Nicos Poulantzas and the Law; Ingo Stützle: The Order of Knowledge: The state as a knowledge apparatus. Space and Statehood: Markus Wissen: Territory and Historicity: Time and space in Nicos Poulantzas's state theory; Hans-Jürgen Bieling: European Statehood; Jens Wissel: The Transnationalisation of the Bourgeoisie and the New Networks of Power. Crisis, Transformation and Political Strategies: Thomas Sablowski: Crisis and Statehood in Poulantzas; Ulrich Brand & Miriam Heigl: 'Inside' and 'Outside': The state, social movements and 'radical transformation' in Poulantzas; Alex Demirovi?: Rule by the People? Democracy and the capitalist state in Poulantzas; Peter Thomas: Conjuncture of the integral state? Poulantzas's reading of Gramsci. About the Authors, Index