Colin Leys: Health, health care and capitalism; Hans Ulrich Deppe: The nature of health care: commodification versus solidarity; David Coburn: Inequality and health; Rodney Loeppky: Certain wealth: Accumulation in the health industry; Kalman Applbaum: Marketing global health care: the practices of big pharma; Marie Gottschalk: US health reform and the Stockholm syndrome; Christoph Hermann: The marketisation of health care in Europe; Pat Armstrong & Hugh Armstrong: Contradictions at work: struggles for control in Canadian health care; Paula Tibandebage & Maureen Mackintosh: Maternal mortality in Africa, a gendered lens on health system failure; Julie Feinsilver: Cuban health politics at home and abroad; Shaoguang Wang: China's double movement in health care; Mohan Rao: 'Health for All' and neoliberal globalisation: an Indian rope trick; Meri Koivusalo: The shaping of global health policy; Robert Albritton: Between obesity and hunger: the capitalist food industry; Lesley Henderson: Medical TV dramas, health care as soap opera; Sanjay Basu: Building a comprehensive public health movement, learning from HIV/AIDS mobilizations; Julian Tudor Hart: Mental health in a sick society: what are people for?