Leo Panitch & Colin Leys with Greg Albo & David Coates: Preface;
Ursula Huws: The Making of a Cybertariat? Virtual Work in a Real World ;
Henry Bernstein: 'The Peasantry' in Global Capitalism: Who, Where and Why?;
Beverly J. Silver and Giovanni Arrighi: Workers North and South;
Andrew Ross: No-Collar Labour in America's 'New Economy'; Barbara Harriss-White & Nandini Gooptu: Mapping India's World of Unorganized Labour; Patrick Bond, Darlene Miller & Greg Ruiters: The Southern African Working Class: Production, Reproduction and Politics;
Steve Jefferys: Western European Trade Unionism at 2000;
David Mandel: 'Why is there no revolt?' The Russian Working Class and Labour Movement;
Haideh Moghissi & Saeed Rahnema: The Working Class and the Islamic State in Iran ;
Huw Beynon & Jorge Ramalho: Democracy and the Organization of Class Struggle in Brazil;
Gerard Greenfield: Organizing, Protest and Working Class Self-Activity: Reflections on East Asia;
Rohini Hensman: Organizing Against the Odds: Women in India's Informal Sector;
Eric Mann: 'A race struggle, a class struggle, a women's struggle all at once': Organizing on the Buses of L.A.;
Justin Paulson: Peasant Struggles and International Solidarity: the Case of Chiapas;
Judith Adler Hellman: Virtual Chiapas: A Reply to Paulson ;
Peter Kwong: The Politics of Labour Migration: Chinese Workers in New York;
Brigitte Young: The 'Mistress' and the Maid' in the Globalized Economy;
Rosemary Warskett: Feminism's Challenge to Unions in the North: Possibilities and Contradictions;
Sam Gindin: Turning Points and Starting Points: Brenner, Left Turbulence and Class Politics;
Leo Panitch: Reflections on Strategy for Labour.