Foreword: Frank Furedi
Introduction: Gary Taylor and Malcolm Todd
New Social Movements and Democracy: Greg Martin Anti Globalisation, Anti Capitalism and the Democratic State: Kevin Farnsworth
Anarchism and Democracy: Dave Morland and John Carter
Free Speech, Democracy and Protest: John Steel
Unemployment, Protest and Democracy: Paul Bagguley Trade Unions: Elizabeth Lawrence
UK Anti-Privatisation Politics: Sally Ruane
Political Activity and Youth in Britain: Mark Weinstein
Alienation and Youth in Britain: Matt Henn, Mark Weinstein and Dominic Wring
Social Movements and the Struggle Over 'Race': Max Farrar
Feminism, Social Movements and the Political Order: Nickie Charles
Women and Politics in Europe: Simon Henig
Peace Movements: Carlo Ruzza
Voluntary and Community Organisations in the Democratic Process: Tessa Parkes, Marilyn Taylor and Mick Wilkinson
Participation and Protest: Mental Health Service Users/Survivors: Peter Beresford and Peter Campbell