: New Preface (2007); Preface to first edition; Introduction; approaching post-war trade unionism, John McIlroy, Alan Campbell, Nina Fishman; Part One: Overviews, 1945-79: Sociology, class and male manual work cultures, Mike Savage; Women in the labour market and in the unions, Chris Wrigley; Complex encounters: trade unions, immigration and racism, Ken Lunn; Part Two: Survey: The high tide of trade unionism: mapping industrial politics, 1964-79, John McIlroy and Alan Campbell; Part Three: Case Studies, 1964-79: The Labour Party and the trade unions, Andrew Thorpe; The Conservative Party and the trade unions, Andrew Taylor; 'What are we here for?': George Woodcock and trade union reform, Robert Taylor; Notes on the Communist Party and industrial politics, John McIlroy; 'Always outnumbered, always outgunned': the Trotskyists and the trade unions, John McIlroy; How workers on the Clyde gained the capacity for class struggle: the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in, 1971-72, John Foster and Charles Woolfson; 'Glorious Summer', 1972: the high tide of rank and file militancy, Dave Lyddon; Afterword: What went wrong? Richard Hyman; Index.