Brenda Longfellow: Weather Report - Images from the Climate Crisis: Neil Smith: Nature as Accumulation Strategy; Elmar Altvater: The Social and Natural Environment of Fossil Capitalism; Daniel Buck: The Ecological Question - Can Capitalism Prevail?; Barbara Harriss-White & Elinor Harriss: Unsustainable Capitalism - the Politics of Renewable Energy in the UK; Jamie Peck: Neoliberal Hurricane - who framed New Orleans?; Minqi Li & Dale Wen: China - Hyper-development and Environmental Crisis; Henry Bernstein & Philip Woodhouse: Africa - Eco-populist Utopias and (micro-) capitalist realities; Philip McMichael: Feeding the World - Agriculture, Development and Ecology; Erik Swyngedouw: Water, Money and Power; Achim Brunnengraber: The Political Economy of the Kyoto Protocol; Heather Rogers: Garbage Capitalism's Green Commerce; Costas Panayotakis: Working More, Selling More, Consuming More - capitalism's 'third contradiction'; Joan Martinez-Alier: Social Metabolism and Environmental Conflicts; Michael Lowy: Eco-socialism and Democratic Planning; Frieder Otto Wolf: Party-building for Eco-Socialists - Lessons from the failed project of the German greens; Greg Albo - The Limits of Eco-localism - Scale, Strategy, Socialism.