Contents: Colin Leys: The cynical state; Atilio Boron: The truth about capitalist democracy; Doug Henwood: The 'business community'; Frances Fox Piven & Barbara Ehrenreich: The truth about welfare reform; Loic Wacquant: The 'scholarly myths' of the new law and order doxa; Robert W. McChesney: Telling the truth at a moment of truth: US news media and the invasion and occupation of Iraq; David Miller: Propaganda-managed democracy: the UK and the lessons of Iraq; Ben Fine & Elisa van Waeyenberge: Correcting Stiglitz - From information to power in the world of development; Sanjay Reddy: Counting the poor: the truth about world poverty statistics; Michael Kustow: Playing with the Truth: the politics of theatre; John Sambonmatsu: Postmodernism and the corruption of the academic intelligentsia; G.M. Tamás: Telling the truth about the working class; Terry Eagleton: Telling the truth.