Preface, Introduction, The Riddle, The Argument, Chapter I: The Diverse Origins, Civil Rights, Political Rights, Social Rights, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Chapter II: The Absolutes, The Human in Human Rights, The Assertion of Equality, Rights as Inherent, Rights as Indivisible and Inalienable, The Assertion of Universality, The Relativity of Human Rights, Chapter III: The Contradictions, In Principle, The Contradiction in Private Property, The Corporation and the Individual, Civil Rights and Social Rights, Political Rights and Corporate Civil Rights, Human Rights and Institutionalized Religion, In Practice, The Unequal Rights of Men and Women, The Rights of Children, The Right of Self-Determination of Peoples, Chapter IV: Rights Outside Capitalist Relations, "Socialist" Countries, Human Rights and the Third World, An African Concept of Human Rights, Islamization and Human Rights, Human Rights and the Fourth World, Chapter V: The Curious Unanimity, Contradictory Demands, Support from the Right, Support from the Reformist Left, The Meeting Ground of Left and Right: Non-Governmental, Organizations, On the National Level, NGOs on the Global Level, Human Rights Watch, HRW on Cuba, The Problem of Amnesty International, The Meaning of Social Rights, Chapter VI: The Future of Human Rights, Globalization and Human Rights, Non-Corporate Rights at the Global Level?, Recent Global Mechanisms for Enforcement, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, UN Ad Hoc Tribunals, Compromised Commissions and Tribunals, The International Criminal Court, Chapter VII: Principles for the Future?, Respect for Human Rights, The "Corporatization" of the United Nations - "The Global, Compact", The Meanings Implicit in Human Rights, The Irrepressible Spread of Resistance, Chapter VIII: September 11 and the New Behemoth, Peace as a Problem, The Need to Defend Global Class Relations, The Political Economy of Military Spending, The Search for a Threat, A Strategy Long in the Planning, Global Ascendancy and "Full Spectrum Dominance", The Militarization of Space, The Expansion of NATO, New Technology for Civilian Repression, Global Surveillance: Echelon. Notes, bibliography, index.