Peter Gowan: The American Campaign for Global Sovereignty;
Aziz Al-Azmeh: Postmodern Obscurantism and 'the Muslim Question';
Avishai Ehrlich: Palestine, Global Politics and Israeli Judaism;
Susan Woodward: The Political Economy of Ethno-Nationalism in Yugoslavia;
Georgi Derluguian: How Soviet Bureaucracy Produced Nationalism and what came of it in Azerbaijan;
Pratyush Chandra: Linguistic-Communal Politics and Class Conflict in India;
Mahmood Mamdani: Making Sense of Political Violence in Postcolonial Africa;
Hugh Roberts: The Algerian Catastrophe: Lessons for the Left;
Stephen Castles: The International Politics of Forced Migration;
Hans-Georg Betz: Xenophobia, Identity Politics and Exclusionary Populism in Western Europe;
Jörg Flecker: The European Right and Working Life- From ordinary miseries to political disasters;
Huw Beynon & Lou Kushnick: Cool Britannia or Cruel Britannia? Racism and New Labour;
Bill Fletcher Jr. & Fernando Gapasin: The Politics of Labour and Race in the USA;
Amory Starr: Is the North American Anti-Globalization Movement Racist? Critical reflections;
Stephanie Ross: Is This What Democracy Looks Like? - The politics of the anti-globalization movement in North America;
Sergio Baierle: The Porto Alegre Thermidor: Brazil's 'Participatory Budget' at the crossroads;
Nancy Leys Stepan: Science and Race: Before and after the Genome Project;
John S. Saul: Identifying Class, Classifying Difference