Contents: Freedom or 'Fetteration'? Working Life and Federation, 1890-1914 : Mark Hearn and Greg Patmore; Federation and the Labour Movement : Stuart Macintyre; Gender, Working Life and Federation : Raelene Frances; Fighting Fatman Fetteration: Labour Culture and Federation : Lenore Layman; 'A New Race, Bred Of The Soil And Sun' :Conceptualising Race And Labour, 1890- 1914. : Kay Saunders; Federation and Labour: The National, State and Local Dimensions : Ray Markey; From Patriotic Interest to Class Interest: Employers and Federation, 1890 to 1912 : Erik Eklund; Knitting The Social Safety Net: Reassessing The Role Of Federation In Shaping Social Protection, 1901- 1914 : Gaby Ramia and Nick Wailes; "A Glimpse of Golden Green": Federation in a Country Town, Dungog, NSW : Glenda Strachan and Anne Dunne; The 'Birmingham of Australia' and Federation: Lithgow, 1890-1914 : Greg Patmore; Citizenship and Locomotive Manufacture at the New South Wales Eveleigh Railway Workshops : Lucy Taksa; Charles Cameron Kingston: A Radical Liberal Comes to Terms with Labor : John Bannon; Margaret Cuthbertson, Factory Inspection and the Political Lives of Working Women, 1890-1914 : Joy Damousi; Citizen Dwyer, John Dwyer's Campaign for the Right to Work, 1900-1914 : Mark Hearn.