Naomi Klein: Farewell To 'The End Of History': Organization And Vision In Anti-Corporate Movements;
André Drainville: Québec City 2001 and The Making Of Transnational Subjects;
Gérard Duménil & Dominique Lévy: The Nature and Contradictions of Neoliberalism;
Elmar Altvater: The Growth Obsession;
David Harvey The Art Of Rent: Globalization, Monopoly and The Commodification of Culture; Graham Murdock & Peter Golding: Digital Possibilities, Market Realities: The Contradictions of Communications Convergence;
Reg Whitaker: The Dark Side of Life: Globalization and International Crime;
Guglielmo Carchedi: Imperialism, Dollarization and The Euro;
Susanne Soederberg: The New International Financial Architecture: Imposed Leadership and 'Emerging Markets';
Paul Cammack: Making Poverty Work;
Marta Russell & Ravi Malhotra: Capitalism and Disability;
Michael Kidron: The Injured Self;
David Miller: Media Power and Class Power: Overplaying Ideology;
Pablo Gonzalez Casanova: Negotiated Contradictions;
Ellen Wood: Contradictions: Only in Capitalism?