Preface , Dear Dr.Marx: A Letter from a Socialist Feminist: Sheila Rowbotham;
The Political Legacy of the Manifesto: Colin Leys & Leo Panitch;
The Geography of Class Power: David Harvey; Socialism with Sober Senses: Developing Worker's Capacities: Sam Gindin;
Unions, Strikes and Class Consciousness Today: Sheila Cohen & Kim Moody;
Passages of the Russian and Eastern Europe Left: Peter Gowan;
Marx and the Permanent Revolution in France: Backgound to the Communist Manifesto: Bernard Moss;
The Communist Manifesto and the Environment: John Bellamy Foster;
Remember the Future? The Communist Manifesto as Historical and Cultural Form: Peter Osborne;
Seeing is Believing: Marx's Manifesto, Derrida's Apparition: Paul Thomas;
The Making of the Manifesto: Rob Beamish;
The Communist Manifesto: Marx & Engels.