Capitalism, Socialism and Revolution: Leo Panitch; Revolution and Democracy in Latin America: Carlos M. Vilas;
The Southern African Revolution: John S. Saul ;
One Revolution or Two? The Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Republic: Val Moghadam;
'Revolutionary Reform' in Soviet Factories: David Mandel;
Obstacles to Reform in Britain: Tony Benn; Reflections on Revolution in an Age of Reaction: V.G. Kiernan;
The Marxist Case for Revolution Today: Ernest Mandel;
Our Morals: The Ethics of Revolution: Norman Geras;
Fatherland or Mother Earth? Nationalism and Internationalism: Michael Lowy;
Revolution Today: Three Reflections: Frieder Otto Wolf;
Feminism's Revolutionary Promise: Finding Hope in Hard Times: Johanna Brenner;
Religion and Revolution: A Brief for the Theology of Liberation: Lawrence Littwin;
Notes on the Cuban Revolution: Saul Landau.