A personal history of the firm and its founder
by Steve Allen
With a foreword by Tom Sawyer

Thompsons Solicitors have been working for the TUC and fighting for workers' rights since their inception. They are the biggest trade union law firm specialising in claims for compensation in cases involving workplace injuries and disputes. The firm has branches all over the UK and employs over 1000 people. This book presents stories, events and campaigns: for compensation, for workers' entitlements and political cases: the Poplar Borough Council case, the Meerut Trials of 1929, and others from the 1920s and '30s, many involving members of the Labour and Communist parties. It chronicles the development of the firm into the present and witnesses to Thompsons' involvement with the Labour Research Department and the NCCL - now Liberty.

'Fundamentally, Thompson believed in using his great skill and knowledge and courage as a lawyer in the interests of the oppressed against the rich and powerful, on behalf of injured workmen against insurance companies, on behalf of tenants against landlords, on behalf of trade unions and trade unionists against employers, on behalf of political demonstrators against the police, on behalf of the citizen against the bureaucrat, in short, on behalf of the poor against the wealthy, on behalf of the mass of people against those who sought to govern and control them.' O.H. Parsons

'The book is a good read with much of it direct quotes from participants - though details of who moved to which office and when are likely to interest only those directly affected - and there are summaries of the important cases' Morning Star

CONTENTS: Foreword; Thompsons; The veins of greatness; Birth and Background; Conscience and Convictions; Joan Beauchamp; Biscuits and scary reds; The first major case - Poplar Borough Council; More scary reds ; Early organisation and some family memories; Thinking has a colossal future; Mother Earth and Father Land; The Tree of Liberty; Dying for work; Harry Thompson: the man life and death; The King is dead; long live the king; People and offices in London; The opening of regional offices; Collective action - legal battles; Everyday Life in the Offices; The demise of W.H. Thompson; The New Firms; Industrial Disputes: Back to the Future; A national firm; Personal Injury campaigns and test cases; Employment Law starts to bite; Preparing for life after Robin and Brian; From 1996 - change, challenge and campaigns; More test cases; Thompsons Scotland and Northern Ireland; Robin and Brian Thompson; My story; Bibliography; Index of Cases; Acknowledgements. Illustrated throughout: B/w photos etc.

ISBN. 978-0-85036-638-9

Paperback, 486 pages, with many contemporary photos and documents